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birth doula | educator | founder

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birth doula | rites of passage



post partum doula | birth doula apprentice

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HBH founder  |  doula  |  teacher  |  bodyworker | former Certified Professional Midwife

I caught my first baby at age 20 and it changed my life forever.  The power and beauty of the energy of natural birth is visceral, sacred and inspiring...

I went on to graduate from the National College of Midwifery and apprentice with Elizabeth Gilmore (former president of the National Assoc. of Midwifery).  I became a Nationally Certified Midwife, CPM, as well as licensed midwife, LM, in the state of Oregon. I worked primarily out of the hospital, assisting deliveries at home and in independent birth centers including the first waterbirth center in the US, where I became highly trained & experienced in waterbirth.  

My passion is empowering women to embrace their creative spirit in pregnancy and birth!

I love to teach and share the importance of holistic healthy birth options and thus began Artemis Healing Arts for the Childbearing Year.  I worked for the African Birth Collective in Senegal, West Africa teaching and assisting women in a village birth center.

  I began a collaboration with MotherTreeBirth Services, based in Portland OR as both their staff midwife as well as senior doula. I continue to co-facilitate annual doula trainings.

Now, based firmly on the Big Island of Hawaii, after giving birth to my own daughter here, I have been inspired to create Healthy Birth Hawaii.  This collective will serve a community which needs more birth education and support.  SO, I am offering my knowledge and experience to a fertile lush community of healthy women who deserve more education and birth knowledge to empower them selves and each other! 

Our Team: About Me
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doula  |  educator  |  girls rites of passage  |  birth imprint teachings  |  PAIL training

I was born and raised in Guatemala, and have been living on Big Island of Hawaii since 2016, most of which has been spent cultivating a self sufficient way for life for my partner and three beautiful children, all of whom were welcomed naturally into this life. 

I have been providing doula services since 2017, and attended a DONA training in 2020.  

After experiencing birth imprint healing, during my pregnancy with my third child, I became passionate about offering doula services for others.  This potent work I experienced, called The 4 Baskets (created by Catherine Lightfoot), inspired my desire to be present upon baby's first emergence into this world, and to go on to offer this 4 Baskets teaching to others.

When not working with new mothers, I hold space for Rites of Passage for youth, & their families, transitioning into that precious time of life where everything seems to be different and ever-changing. 

 I am currently training in the PAIL program, honoring Pregnancy, Abortion & Infant Loss.

I am fluent in Spanish and would love to serve Spanish speaking families. 

Our Team: About


post partum doula  |  birth doula apprentice

Kula Rose is a new doula, and thus, is excited to be an affordable option of support for mothers and families throughout their birth and parenting journey.
She moved to Hawaii over two years ago to connect with community and an environment that was supportive to her deep feminine nature, creativity, and sensitivity. She has a deeply caring nature and easily attunes to the experiences and needs of others. She is fiercely dedicated to self-love and acceptance, and enjoys gently supporting others on their journey of connecting with their own inherent innocence.  Kula enjoys spending time with the people she loves and allowing her relationships to be vehicles for deep healing and evolution. 
She is skilled in the realm of conscious communication, embodied listening, community organizing, conflict mediation, & co-parenting. Kula looks forward to being a mother one day, and in the meantime enjoys supporting children in her community through nature play, soft guidance, and full presence. She is moved by the mission of mothers receiving support during their birth journey, as well as having the agency to spend ample time with their children through work-place & work-time freedom. She currently offers services as a student doula, placenta encapsulation, vaginal steaming, post-pardum support, & plant-based nutrition. 

Our Team: About Me
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